Movie Dance Scenes #2


Why is it that so many of my favourite films have a little dance scene tucked away in them somewhere?  This one is from the phenomenal A Room For Romeo Brass which is for my money the best film Shane Meadows has made so far.  The scene is a pivotal one in the film as it occurs just before we find out that Morell is not quite the child-like innocent we initially thought.  Taking the boys out on a day trip to Chapel St Leonards whilst bunking school Morell unleashes a plethora of astonishing moves much to the delight of the gathering of old age pensioners seated around him.  The scene is even more affecting for being part of a fantastic montage of them wandering round a bleak out of season English seaside town.  Paddy Considine is simply astonishing in this film and if you haven’t seen it then make sure you do as quickly as possible.


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